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A DVD instructional film by Alan Oliver 
Instructional DVD Cover 


This is an instructional film explaining how I paint with watercolours.
In it I paint three pictures, the first uses the 'Layering' method. The second is exploiting the 'Wet into Wet' method and the third is 'Pen and Wash'
The film lasts almost an hour. 
£25 plus postage.

'Watercolour Paintings'
Places, People and Landscapes
A catalogue of watercolours covering the last ten years.
P1040385 Watercolour book cover
In this new book there are 80 reproductions of paintings produced over the last ten years.
They record places I have been to and how I have interpreted my memories. To me of course these images mean a great deal. I love the watercolour medium. It is so exciting to use being immediate, fresh and elusive.
Most of the locations for the paintings are in England and local to where I live but there are some from France and Italy as well as a few still life paintings.
If you would like to more details about the book please go to : 

I have produced a new book called 
'Paintings of Venice'. 
 It is now available  
Venice book cover



The following prints - 34cm x 24cm -are available at

£45 plus postage.

p1010520 Oakham Market 

Oakham Market Place

 p1010521 Church Passage Oakham

Church Passage, Oakham


Boxing Day Meet

p1010523 Oakham Buttercross

Oakham Buttercross

p1010524 Flores House

Flores House, Oakham

p1010525 Snow in Oakham

Snow in Oakham