Larger Paintings

The Grand Canal - Venice. 30"x24" Acrilic. £1750

Pink Roses. 25"x24" Acrylic. SOLD

Lunch Time in Venice. 36"x28" Oil. £2500 

A Norfolk Beach. 30"x24" Oil. £1750

Pinks and Blues. 30"x24" Oil. £1750

Brighton Beach. 30"24" Acrylic. £1750

Entrance to the Grand Canal - Venice

36"x28" Acrylic. £2500

Thornham Marshes. 30"x24" Acrylic. £1750

Last Night Of The Proms. 30"x24". Acrylic. £1750

Venice Afternoon. 36"x24" Oil. £2250

A Dorset Beach. 36"x24" Oil. £2500

Runton- Norfolk. 30"x24". Oil. £1750

The Spinney, Elgeton. 36"x24" Acrylic.  SOLD

St Ives Harbour. Acrylic. 100x80cm. £2500

St Ives Harbour. Acrylic. 100x80cm. £2500

Blue Bells in Barnsdale Woods. 100x80cm. Acrylic. £3000